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Author, Credit Education Expert, Real Estate Investor

Saloam Bey

Champion of Economic Community Development

Saloam Bey

Saloam Bey is a catalyst for credit education and financial literacy with an emphasis on investing and securing generational wealth.


With the structure of her company, Credit Power LLC and Entrepreneurship Heart, over 22 years ago, Saloam has single-handedly assisted in the birth of hundreds of first-time homeowners and investors in the community.


Ready to Connect with Saloam!

Mentorship Program

With three months of one-on-one access to Saloam, you'll receive assistance with personal credit, business credit positioning, and guidance for those new to homeownership or real estate investment. 

Elevate your personal credit score and take your business to new heights by submitting your application to work with Saloam today. Don't wait any longer to achieve financial success and security

Group Coaching

Join Saloam's 8-week group coaching program, where she will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint that will equip you to prepare for the future and nurture your entrepreneurial mindset.

Topics will include:

  • Foundational Business Building

  • Creating Systems

  • Marketing

  • Multiple Streams of Income


Do you have specific needs and concerns that require personalized attention?


Saloam Bey offers exclusive one-on-one consultations that focus on your desired outcomes, whether it's business advice, personal credit advice, real estate investment, or personal growth support.


With Saloam's expert guidance, you can achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles standing in your way. 

Book Saloam for Speaking Engagements, Trainings, Workshops, & More

Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker for your next event?


Look no further than Saloam! With her extensive experience and expertise, Saloam is the perfect choice to deliver a memorable and impactful presentation that will leave your audience feeling inspired and motivated.


Don't wait any longer - book Saloam for your next speaking engagement, training, or workshop today!

Join Saloam Bey's exclusive text program and gain access to expert insights, business tips, and branding strategies that will help you unlock your full potential.
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