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Virtual 8-Week Group Coaching Program

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Sessions Held Via Zoom every Monday at 6:00 P.M. EST

Saloam is the coach you need to help nurture your entrepreneurial spirit! 

Join Saloam's 8-week group coaching program, where she will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint that will equip you to prepare for the future and nurture your entrepreneurial mindset.


She will show you how to take charge of your destiny and create lasting wealth through independent decision-making.


Topics will include:

  • Foundational Business Building

  • Creating Systems

  • Marketing

  • Multiple Streams of Income

Testimony of Success

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What Saloam's Students Say

Dollar Bill in Jar

Pep Farrow, Business Owner

I got to meet Saloam Bey over a year ago. Her post and inspiration on educating yourself on financial freedom. were Godsend. I'm a part of her Credit Power VIP Mentorship program which we meet weekly for a time period one on one to discuss my credit, credit history, business structure and business credit. Today was a ministry! During this past year, I created 2 businesses. The vision was to NEVER have to go through what I went thru ever again.. the journey is what I'm in love with. These 35 years of experience was almost thrown out the window honestly... that session struck something that I needed. 

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