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Meet Saloam Bey

Saloam's progression didn’t cease as she emerged new dominant and powerful businesses over the years that not only taught securing wealth through real estate but it has also attributed to making Ms. Bey one of the greatest real estate moguls in the state of Pennsylvania, gaining her political recognition and accolades by several mayors and councilmen.


As well as awarded Pittsburgh Woman of Excellence Award in 2018, Pittsburgh Business Choice Award for Financial Literacy in 2019, alumni certification for a small business academy owned by her business partner Multi-Millionaire Rick Ross and last but certainly not least, a Citation by previous State Representative Jake Wheatly, who is currently the Chief Of Staff to the Mayor for the CommonWealth of Pennsylvania.


Saloam Bey devoted over 8 years of her life to the United States Military where she entered as an E-1 and received an honorable discharge rank of an E-5…. She wrote a blank check made payable to the United States Of America, for an amount of, up to and including her life. She was drafted to war and served in 911/ Operation Enduring Freedom where she fearlessly and fiercely protected, defended and fought, on both, foreign soil and homeland and she continues the fight today.


Saloam's philanthropy work includes her consistently working with politicians and the community who were eager for the opportunity to collaborate in creating a powerhouse financial program for the greater Pittsburgh Region.


Being that Ms. Bey is a successful published Author, it was important to her to develop financial literacy programs within several public school systems to enhance their curriculum and better the opportunity for success for students in underserved and underprivileged communities. These programs are still developed and proctored by Ms. Bey as of current.


Saloam’s unconventional and non-traditional approach to life and her career has led her to a road of immense success, not only for her but those connected to her in various aspects.


To date, her companies generate seven figures, and those businesses include attributions to the community in many ways.


My Business Space, one of the first black-owned and highly successful luxury co-working spaces in Pennsylvania, High Power Homes, amongst the top black-owned Real Estate and Investment Companies in Pennsylvania, and A Seat at The Table, an academy dedicated to the distribution of education on obtaining and securing wealth in the black community are all owned by one, powerful, groundbreaking and unstoppable woman.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Saloam Bey

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